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Cheridet was one of the new members for Season 5.

UHShe Placing[]

For Season 5, Cheridet's first UHShe season, she was teamed up with MKtheWorst, she managed to survive until episode 8 where she took part in the final battle, being taken out by RealSquig she was left in 3rd place. MKtheWorst was able to take the final kill and gave the team the 1st place position.


In Season 7, a solo season with a Wild West theme, she came down to the final two without encountering anyone. She managed to defeat Banoffee despite being on very low hearts, as Banoffee herself was low from her previous fight with Kaleidow, and secured a second win for herself.

In Season 8, she was teamed with BBPaws.

In Season 9, she was teamed with Marielitai and BBPaws.

In Season 10, she was teamed with BBPaws.

In Season 11, she was teamed with HoneyBunny.

Seasons Kills Cause of Death Episode of Death Ranking Accomplishments Titles
5 0 Slain by RealSquig (Winner) 8

Team - 1st

Individual - 3rd

1st Time Win, 3rd Newcomer Winner

Most Diamonds, Best Bow

7 1 Winner Winner 1st First Kill, 2nd Time Win Most Diamonds
8 0 Slain by BasicallyBea 9 4th - Individual

3rd - Team

Survived to the Top 4 Last On Full Hearts, Most Diamonds
9 0 Failed to Slay the Ender Dragon (In the Overworld) N/A 2nd -Individual/Team Survived until The End
10 1 Slain by basicallybea 7 3rd - Individual

3rd - Team

Survived to the Top 3, Eliminated by Bea for the second time
11 0 Slain by ThePinkDiamondDiva 9 5th - Individual

3rd - Team

Survived to the Top 5 Most Diamonds


Season Killed Participant Episode of Death Cause of Death
7 banoffee2013 9 Slain
10 Phoenixgg2 8 Doomed to fall