Glowing gapple

The Golden Apple is one of the most important items in UHC as it is used to heal yourself.

In UHShe the Golden Apple has been able to be made using flowers (Season 1 Only) and has taken on many different forms.

The Golden Apple is used to regenerate health in the UHC gamemode in which hearts can not be regenerated without potions or golden apples.

Season 1 Edit

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In Season 1, you were able to create apples using flowers instead of Gold. As this was justified of over-powered and everyone was able to create Golden Apples with Gold it was only for the first season.

Season 2 Edit

Carmel Apple (UHShe)

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In Season 2, apples took on the form of a Caramel or Candy Apple in the Halloween Spirit.

Season 3 Edit

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In Season 3, apples were textured to look like Peppermint Apples and could be obtained either regularly or be choosing the Candy Cane Kit.

Season 4 Edit

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Peppermint Apple
In Season 4 of UHShe Golden Apples were disabled. Instead players must surround an egg with ores (Iron,Redstone,Gold,Diamonds,Emeralds,Lapis). If you kill a chicken or a rabbit they will also drop eggs. This will give you a dyed easter eggs. Eggs can be substituted for heads.

Season 5 Edit

In Season 5, apples and golden apples were textured to look like caramel apples again for the Halloween Spirit.